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SaaS driven business delivered to you by the team of logistics experts

What is CARGGO?

Designed by logistics professionals, who live and breathe the industry, Carggo is an end-to-end solution for shippers and carriers

We are among the first to disrupt this complex and long-established industry by getting SaaS on a new scale

We are dedicated to make transportation management simpler, commercial terms more transparent and overall freight costs lower by minimizing human involvement

Carggo is a new generation of business mindset and automation

  • Reliability

    Carggo re-engineers brokers’ and carriers’ business models to provide the most transparent and reliable service

  • Convenience

    Carggo introduces a new level of digitalization using its own smart IT-platform to bring convenience and highest service level

  • Transparency

    Carggo provides absolutely transparent cost breakdown to its platform users with no hidden commissions and margins

  • Cost effectiveness

    New level of process automation provides Carggo with the opportunity to lower service fee and allows Shippers to optimize internal logistic costs

Together at Carggo

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